My home is musty. How do I eliminate the odor?

My home is musty.

Sometimes a house can develop a smell that’s not easy to pinpoint. It’s just kind of “off,” stale or musty. If this has happened in your home, you know how frustrating it can be.

The best way to stay on top of odors in your home is by using Organic Air Technology, a home air cleaner. These filterless devices emit a charged flow that cleans up the air indoors like Mother Nature does outdoors. The result is powerful odor control: Clean air that is fresh and pleasant to breathe, without the musty smell. Your local AirRestore Dealer can tell you more about the technology.

There also are a few things you can investigate in your home to make sure the smell isn’t a sign of a serious problem.

• Check for leaks in the crawlspace in your home. Sometimes pipes or air intakes can be the culprit; other times it’s just an area that’s not sealed or insulated well.

• This also is a good time to check the vents on the roof to make sure none of them are blocked. While there, inspect the roof for water damage. Also, look at the flashing on the windows and doors to ensure it is in good condition and doing what it should do.

• Check the insulation in the attic. If it has a strange odor, it could be damp from a leak, or it could just be full of years’ worth of cooking smells that were vented up into the space. If the smell is overpowering, it’s probably time to replace the insulation.

 Another problem could be mold. Hardware and big-box stores usually sell test kits that help check for mold growth in the home.

• Or, you may just need to do a thorough cleaning. If you have piles of paper around the house, go through them and get rid of as much as possible. Paper collects moisture, and if it gets damp, it could become full of mildew. You also might need to scrub your kitchen well — including walls, cabinets, sides of appliances, etc. Grease and food particles can cement themselves to those surfaces, so getting rid of the grime can improve the smell situation.

• Clean the carpet. Years of use can trap years of odors. Giving it a good steam cleaning can give the carpet a fresh start.

• The AirRestore Air Naturalizer also works great on carpet odors and for spot-treating pet accidents. Mist the air above the spot with a little water and set the AirRestore Air Naturalizer next to it. Let it run for an hour or so. It will virtually eliminate the odor.