Bringing pets into a home with past pet problems.


Bringing pets into a home with past pet problems

So you just bought a lovely home, but as gorgeous as it is, you can tell the home had pet residents.  Now you and your family are ready to move in, but you’re concerned about how your four-legged family member will react.  It’s ideal to avoid territorial battles between past and present pets, so here are a few tips:

DO YOU HAVE A COUPLE OF DAYS BEFORE MOVING IN?  If so, this is the perfect time to get into your new and still-empty home with your AirRestore Air Naturalization System and let it get to work.  Try to identify if there are any specific areas or accidents that need spot treatment.  If so, mist the area with water and set an AirRestore unit as close to the accident as possible and leave until dry.  Repeat if necessary. (Check out our ODOR CONTROL TIPS for more details.)

If the house simply has an overall “presence” of its past residents, distribute the four units of your Whole Home System evenly throughout the home.  Try to increase air circulation by turning on ceiling fans or cracking windows, if weather permits.  If the air is dry, adding a humidifier to each floor of the home could be helpful as well.  Then, simply let AirRestore go to work.

EVEN WITHOUT HAVING DAYS TO PREPARE, AirRestore can still help ease the transition and help prevent “territory wars” where a pet will try to cover the scent of another animal with its own scent.

  • First, it’s a good idea to follow some basic recommendations for moving a pet to a new house
    (tips for moving your pet: CLICK HERE).
  • Second, you can lessen your pet’s stress by naturalizing the air, hopefully preventing from putting your animal on natural defense.  Simply distribute your Whole Home System throughout your house as early as you can before welcoming in your pet to the home. This is a good opportunity to play with your pet in your new backyard for 20 minutes before exploring the new home!  Dedicate a unit to any specific accidents and try to keep your pet from these areas until you’ve had a chance to spot treat them with AirRestore.
  • Keep your AirRestore units running all day and night, preferably with ample air circulation.  Then, simply keep an eye on your pet. If it appears concerned with a specific spot, simply note that area to be in need of an AirRestore Spot Treatment.

Remember that while moving can be a very exciting time, it also can be stressful.  And any stress you’re feeling, your pet is, too.  Make time to relax and enjoy the move, and congratulations on your new home!