Attention Property Managers: Its time to freshen your properties.

Every property has distinct smells that need neutralizing.

  • A stubborn cat odor
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Wet carpet smell
  • Building with musty smell
  • Apartment that smells like smoke
  • A lingering food or grease smell
  • An unoccupied building with stale air

The AirRestore Air Naturalizer Whole Home System is a great toRentol for busy property managers to use to stay on top of odors in the building. Air Naturalizers are handy to use in between renters to neutralize the smells left behind by previous tenants and leave the air fresh and clean for newcomers.

Using Air Naturalizers can translate into cost savings if odors have seeped into the walls or carpet. The Whole Home System can help pull those odors out and get rid of them, so the apartment or office doesn’t need an expensive overhaul.

And it’s great to use ahead of apartment or office showings to freshen the air and help leave the best impression on the potential tenant.

How AirRestore can help property managers:

  • Signing new leases more quickly. Renters can be very choosy, especially in markets where they have a lot of options. One small thing (such as an odor) can turn them off. The Air Naturalizer can knock down that potential roadblock and help property managers rent out their properties faster.
  • No last-minute panic ahead of showings. The manager can have peace of mind by leaving Air Naturalizers with the outgoing tenant to plug in ahead of time, preferably a day or two before a showing.
  • Solving The Pet Problem: Some renters are very sensitive to pet dander and odors. If they are coughing and sneezing their whole way through the showing, they will find somewhere else to rent. Air Naturalizers are great at tackling pet odors and dander. They can stay ahead of the problem, so prospective renters can breathe easy and not be deterred from a great property.