Organic air works like…Broccoli?

Fresh green vegetable, isolated over white

Organic air works like…Broccoli?

Recent studies have shown, once again, that vegetables have proven to be healthy. Broccoli has proven that it is a super food and an essential part of our diet.

Benzene and acrolein are major air pollutants emitted from car exhaust and cigarette smoke. They are the cause of numerable diseases including respiratory issues as well as cardiovascular problems. Sulforaphane is a chemical that is a great chemical to rid our bodies from those harmful pollutants.

In a recent study a group of people were given a mixture of juices and drank them over a period of 12 weeks. One group was given broccoli sprout extract while the other was not. The results showed that the group that was given a mixture of juices including broccoli sprout extract excreted 61% more benzene and 23% more acrolein than the group who was drinking the same mixture except without the broccoli extract.

So what does this mean for us? This means that broccoli rids the body of the pollutants by taking them out of the body through excrement.

Does this process sound familiar? Well it should! This is the same process that the AirRestore Air Naturalizer does to the air around you. The AirRestore Air Naturalizer takes simple chemicals from your indoor air, which though are not currently doing anything special now, and charges them so they can travel through the air and latch onto the pollutants. Now that those charges particles have attacked the pollutants, the particles made the chemicals into a different non-pollutant and takes them out of the air around you.

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