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Take AirRestore on your skiing adventures.

Have the Winter Olympics in Sochi made you eager to do some downhill skiing of your own? Before you grab your gear and hit the slopes, make sure you have your corded Air Naturalizer packed! It will come in handy in several ways: On the drive: If you are heading to the mountains in an automobile, keep […]

Office and Break Room Odors

We’ve all been there. You buy some delicious, aromatic food for lunch; or you heat up tasty-but-pungent leftovers. As soon as you take your first bite, your cube mate or next-door office neighbor glances at your desk with a grimace. Just because the food smells amazing to you doesn’t mean your colleagues are enjoying it. And […]

Bringing pets into a home with past pet problems.

  Bringing pets into a home with past pet problems So you just bought a lovely home, but as gorgeous as it is, you can tell the home had pet residents.  Now you and your family are ready to move in, but you’re concerned about how your four-legged family member will react.  It’s ideal to […]

Keep your home fresh over the winter.

In the winter, it’s usually too cold to open the window and let in fresh air, which can make indoor spaces unpleasant. Odors accumulate in the home, cause by strong foods, pets, garbage, cleaning products, dirty laundry and more. You and your family end up breathing that same stale air, over and over. What can you […]

How to get rid of a mystery odor:

How to get rid of a mystery odor   What’s the smell? Where is it coming from? All you know is it is disgusting, and you can’t get rid of it soon enough. Sometimes we have to turn into detectives to figure out what may be causing an unpleasant odor in the house or car.   […]