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AirRestore USA, Inc.  

New manufacturing operation in Greenville, TN

AirRestore USA announces plan to move manufacturing to Greenville, TN in 2015. Plans for securing a location are in the works, with the prior Mt. Pleasant Industrial Park location used with Alpine being in consideration. The hopes will to eventually employ approximately 500 people in Greenville for positions including assembly and other product-manufacturing needs.  Bill Converse stated “It’s probably going to be over the next 12 months before we get into full operation.”

 You can view the article in its entirety on these two pages: Part 1. Part 2.

AirRestore wins 1st Place among new products at Las Vegas trade show

SuperZooAirRestore is proud to announce a first place award for our Air Naturalizer at a Las Vegas trade show.  Our product earned it first place among new products at the SuperZoo National Show for Pet Retailers in Las Vegas in 2012.

Bill Converse, our CEO, said the company was pleased with the award. “The SuperZoo show was a great opportunity to show how effective our product is at removing pet odors. We were excited to be recognized for our efforts to help make pet owners’ and allergy sufferers’ homes more comfortable.”