Keep your home fresh over the winter.

In the winter, it’s usually too cold to open the window and let in fresh air, which can make indoor spaces unpleasant. Odors accumulate in the home, cause by strong foods, pets, garbage, cleaning products, dirty laundry and more. You and your family end up breathing that same stale air, over and over.

What can you do to clean up the air and make it more pleasant to breathe? Here are several tips:

 Use an AirRestore Air Naturalizer to help remove odors and allergens from the air. Unlike most air purifiers, which tend to rely on filters, An AirRestore Air Naturalizer creates a charged flow that gets rid of odors using the same air-cleansing power Mother Nature uses outdoors. It will leave the air fresh, even on cold days when you can’t open the windows. New to AirRestore? Talk to your local Dealer to find out more.

• Check for humidity: If there is a musty smell in your home, something may be damp and not drying properly. You may need to clean out the fan in your bathroom if it doesn’t seem to be getting rid of moisture after showers quick enough. If it’s your laundry room or another area, try using a stand-up fan or ceiling fan to help circulate the air and promote drying.

• Look for leaks: You might need to check for leaky air ducts. This video shows how to proceed. If ignored, a leaky air duct can lead to lots of other problems in your home.

• Fight mold: If you find out you have mold growing in your home, that’s a serious problem you’ll want to tackle immediately. If you don’t, it could spread and cause serious health problems. Here is a great slideshow that shows how to fight mold in the home. See more about fighting mold here.

• Bring some green indoors: Plants can do lots of good things for your home. They can filter out unwanted particles and boost the level of oxygen. Try growing herbs in your windowsill or purchase a leafy houseplant.

 Limit the chemicals you add to the air: Curtains, bedding and clothing (especially those that have been dry cleaned) can bring chemicals with them into your home. Some can even emit formaldehyde. Wash bedding, curtains, and washable clothes before using them, and hang dry-cleaned items outside to air out, if possible. Also, stay away from scented air fresheners. They emit chemicals that can irritate the lungs.