Whole Home Systems

Powerful, energy-efficient, discrete, and best yet, customizable.

No two homes are the same. Neither are their air quality needs. With your Whole Home System, you have four individual units to divide throughout your home for your family’s specific needs. Plan your home’s RESTORE ZONES to ensure your entire household is breathing organically for their health.

Whole Home System Options

  • Traditional Pack: 2 Corded Units, 2 Wall Units
  • Convenience Pack: 1 Corded Units, 3 Wall Units
  • Flexibility Pack: 3 Corded Units, 1 Wall Units
  • Corded Pack: 4 Corded Units
  • Wall Pack: 4 Wall Units

Studio Systems

Customizable systems designed for smaller homes.

Studio Systems are designed for the organic air customization of smaller homes.  Choose your combination of two air naturalizer units that will suit your personal needs best, and you’ll be breathing organically in no time!

Studio System Options

  • Traditional Pack: 1 Corded Unit, 1 Wall Unit
  • Wall Pack: 2 Wall Units
  • Corded Pack: 2 Corded Units


Car Adaptor

On the road again… Are you heading on a road trip with the family, maybe including Fido? Did you ever find that mystery smell in your car?  The ultimate solution is closer (and easier) than you think! Just grab your corded AirRestore unit along with the car adaptor, and you’re ready to freshen the air, and even the upholstery, in any of your vehicles!

Tackle smoke, exhaust, pet odors, fast food smells and other odors that can collect over time.  No more “thick and foggy” air when every seat is taken up in the car on a long trip.  Just healthier, cleaner air in a compact area where you spend a lot of time surrounded by a lot of pollutants.  Isn’t it time to make your drive a lot more enjoyable?

Vehicle Mount

Convenient and Effective! Keep your corded AirRestore unit safely set in your car with this convenient car mount. Attach the mount to your dash, windshield, or directly to your air vents.  The adjustable arms hold your AirRestore firmly in the ideal position for providing your vehicle with healthy organic air!

Accessory Travel Kit

Do you travel often?  Perhaps you drive long distances and stay in hotels. Or perhaps your family drives to see the grandparents, where you all cram into their guest rooms for the weekend.  No matter your travel needs, this kit makes it easy to bring organic air with you on the road and wherever you stay!  It perfectly fits the adaptor, mount, your corded unit and power cord all in one convenient bag.

Travel Accessory Kit Includes

  • One Vehicle Mount
  • One Car Adaptor
  • One Velvet Travel Bag

Power Cord

Sometimes power cords get chewed on, misplaced, or otherwise broken.  If you need an additional power cord for your corded AirRestore unit, we keep them in supply for just those reasons!

Single Corded Unit

Flexible to meet your specific needs.

Corded units offer the added flexibility of 10 feet to get you closer to your air naturalization need. Whether you have an odor source in an awkward place or there isn’t an outlet in an ideal location in the room, the corded unit is an easy solution that will get to work on the problem fast.  The 10′ flexibility is especially helpful when cleaning up spills or accidents that have germ or odor concerns, such as spilled milk or cat urine on the carpet.  It allows you to place the unit directly on the area of concern for incredibly focused naturalization.

Corded Air Naturalizer Systems include

  • Air Naturalizer Unit
  • One 10′ Power Cord

Single Wall Unit

Talk about simple and discrete!

Just plug a wall unit directly into your wall outlet and let the air naturalization begin. It stays out of the way and keeps the air under control, proactively freshening your air with little to no effort.  This design is especially convenient for homes with pets or young children- Safety First: No cords or cables to be played with or tripped on!

Keep one plugged in above your kitchen counter to keep cooking odors and garbage can odors under control.  Or perhaps one in your entryway to keep shoe odors at bay and welcome your visitors with a breath of fresh air.  Use one in the laundry room and around litter boxes. Maybe one in the bathroom. Wherever you plug it in, it’s sure to stay out of your way while it works continuously to improve your air quality.

Wall Air Naturalizer Systems include

  • Air Naturalizer Unit

Full Travel Pack

The perfect companion for the road!

Wherever you’re going and however you’re getting there, this is the perfect package to take fresh air along for the ride.  This kit includes one corded AirRestore unit, power cord, car adaptor, vehicle mount, and a convenient velvet carrying bag.  Perfect for:

Touring in your motor home or RV

Over-the-Road Truckers

Family trips in the minivan

Traveling for business in your car

Limo Drivers

Party Buses

Travel Pack Includes

  • One Corded Air Naturalizer Unit
  • 10′ Power Cord
  • Car Adaptor
  • Vehicle Mount
  • Velvet Travel Bag