Take AirRestore on your skiing adventures.


Have the Winter Olympics in Sochi made you eager to do some downhill skiing of your own? Before you grab your gear and hit the slopes, make sure you have your corded Air Naturalizer packed! It will come in handy in several ways:

On the drive: If you are heading to the mountains in an automobile, keep the air fresh while you drive by using AirRestore. It’s too cold right now to roll the windows down for fresh air, but a corded AirRestore Air Naturalizer and car adapter (available through AirRestore) will do the trick!

In the chalet/cabin/hotel room: Plug in your Air Naturalizer when you arrive to tackle pollutants and odors left behind by cleaning staff and previous occupants.

After skiing: After a long day on the slopes, your boots and other gear are going to need a little help in the odor department. Place items needing freshening in your duffel bag. Plug in your Air Naturalizer and place it in the bag with your gear. Zip the bag closed and let the Air Naturalizer work for a few hours. Then pull out your fresh-smelling gear! This also works great for boots – set the Air Naturalizer inside each boot and let it run for an hour or so (depending on the strength of the odor).